About Us

Welcome to the BronzeAge Nutrition website.

We are a small, family run business set in the heart of North Pembrokeshire here in Wales, bordering the beautiful and magical Preseli Hills with its outcrops of bluestone, oak woodlands and gentle brooks.

BronzeAge Nutrition was founded in 2004 by Simon Essex-Crosby and his wife Gill who are based in Scarborough. A local nutritionist recommended them; we became customers and really noticed the benefits. So, when we heard that they wanted to retire and sell, we jumped at the chance to take on this small business selling quality products.

Here in Wales we are lucky enough to live and work on a smallholding, growing our own food, drinking spring water and managing the land in a sustainable way. The food we grow is organic and we sell our surplus locally.
Although we try to eat healthily, wholesome foods, there are still minerals and vitamins missing from our diets, and here at BronzeAge we try to fill that gap with the supplements we sell.

We sell only a small select range of minerals - those that are the most essential in maintaining good health and vitality, especially as so few of these minerals are found in our modern diets due to destructive farming methods and pollution. Mineral shortages can seriously affect the body’s natural balance and its ability to remain healthy. All the products are sourced from around the world, chosen for their purity and effectiveness.

Please look around the website to see if any of the products are suitable in helping you maintain your health. The website itself will be growing and developing with news and blog posts that may assist you in that endeavour.

Wishing you all the best of health,
Matthew and Melissa