Oral Magnesium Chloride
Oral Magnesium Chloride
Oral Magnesium Chloride
Oral Magnesium Chloride
Oral Magnesium Chloride

Oral Magnesium Chloride

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Oral Magnesium Chlorideis a very bio-available oral magnesium supplement. This is pure natural liquid magnesium chloride, from the ancient underground Zechstein sea deposits (dating back 250 million years), free from modern day pollutants and toxins.

Unlike most tablet and capsule forms of magnesium, liquid oral magnesium chloride is well absorbed, is well tolerated by the bowel, and so makes a great addition to your transdermal magnesium oil method. For those who have sensitive skin or cannot tolerate the magnesium oil method, this is also their best alternative.


  • helps to maintain overall skin health
  • helps to maintain nerve function
  • promotes joint and muscle health
  • is essential for the effective absorption of calcium, maintaining healthy teeth and bones
  • is essential for our basic energy molecule 'ATP' to work
  • encourages overall relaxation

Magnesium has a very real calming effect on the body and is not only largely missing in most of our diets but is also an element lost very easily from the body.

Note: Consumption of alcohol, diuretics, tea, coffee and carbonated drinks will cause body magnesium depletion.  

100ml size lasts 1 to 5 months according to dosage.

15 drops per day = 100mg magnesium

Simply add to water or juice


Please Note:

  1. Magnesium supplementation should not be used in cases of kidney failure, heart block or myasthenia gravis.   
  2. Do not discontinue prescription medication or begin supplementation without first consulting with your health care professional.