Suma Root Powder
Suma Root Powder
Suma Root Powder
Suma Root Powder
Suma Root Powder

Suma Root Powder

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Some of the world’s best therapeutic plants are found throughout the rainforests of South America. One in particular, Pfaffia paniculata, better known as suma, is a large ground vine with a deep root system. Suma is known as Para Toda, which means “for all things.” Native peoples of the Amazon region have used suma for over 300 years as a tonic, a calming agent, ulcer treatment, and even an aphrodisiac.

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon region used suma root as a general tonic, an aphrodisiac, and as a calming agent.  Today, suma is used in herbal medicine around the world.  It is considered a tonic and an adaptogen

An adaptogen is a plant that increases the body's resistance to adverse influences and has a normalizing or restorative effect on the body as a whole.

The root is also used to heal wounds, strengthen muscles, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, balance blood sugar levels, improve sex drive, and help reduce tumors. In fact, this superfood is used for so many healing purposed in South America that no one really knows everything it’s used for.

Nutritionally, suma root contains 19 different amino acids, a large number of electrolytes, trace minerals, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K, and pantothenic acid. Its high germanium content probably accounts for its properties as an oxygenator at the cellular level; its high iron content may account for its traditional use for anemia. The root also contains novel phytochemicals including saponins, pfaffic acids, glycosides, and nortriterpenes.


Directions for Use

1-2g of powder per day for muscle gain
2-4g of powder per day for hormonal applications.
Or take as recommended by a Herbal Practitioner.



Not suitable for people with oestrogen-positive cancers.